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1st BBQ of the year!

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #1

We had our 1st BBQ of the year tonight , had to come in at 70clock getting a bit chilly, wish we had the wood burner on.

We had corn on the cob which is really good on the bbq, burger roll,salad and potato waffles and of course the wine and beer! Tasted good. What is your favourite bbq food?

(Deborah Jones) #2

We had our first yesterday afternoon for my sons 17th birthday , it was almost too hot ! Much breezier here today.

My BBQ favorites are chicken and veg and haloumi skewers , we usually have sweetcorn too, I think I like it best BBQ’d. We bbq’d asparagus yesterday - that worked well.

(Pauline Hayward) #3

We’ve planned one for tomorrow and typical it’s forecast rain just as we will be lighting the BBQ. Its been sunny today but a little chill in the air but at least its been dry and we’ve managed to get lots of tidying done in the garden.
We are having the normal stuff tomorrow but I do like Corn on the cob done on the BBQ.


(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

bbq asparagus? How did you do that? I love trying different foods on the bbq

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Haloumi with bit so courgettes, onion, and sweet peppers grilled on the bbq oh yes yummmie. :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Mmmmmm we have a wok shaped pan with holes in it (they’re specially designed for the BBQ) and do roughly chopped onions & peppers, whole mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and cloves of garlic, drizzled in oil every now and then. DELICIOUS!

It’s way too cold for me yet though :confused:

(Deborah Jones) #7

We painted the asparagus with marinade, (olive oil , soy sauce , ketchup + pepper) and just put them on briefly to sizzle after everything else was cooked, the moisture in them steamed them from the inside and the coals added a good bit of flavour on the outside. We do the same with sliced aubergine (degorged) delish !

Stephanie your pan sounds Ideal, I love bbqd veggies , and they often fall off skewers.

(René Trewern) #8

We had ours ages ago… But I’m South African so we light the fire at the first sign of sun!

I have done asparagus wrapped in parma on the bbq before… it was lush!
My husband also built us a little tandoor oven as seen on Jamie Oliver program!

(Diane Burton) #9

We had our 1st BBQ on Good Friday, it was our daughter’s birthday on Wednesday so it was a belated birthday celebration. We love fish cooked on ours but also the traditional burgers & sausages. My Hubby becomes a bit of an ‘expert’ on food when we use the BBQ and will try to cook almost anything on it, although I don’t complain as it’s the only time he cooks, so I’m hoping for a long dry summer :slight_smile:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #10

My husband cooks the bbq and is very good at it but doesn’t do cooking in the house,isn’t that strange! I do all the hard work preparing the food and then i just sit back with my glass of wine and watch. Well I maybe have to get up to fetch more food but thats all!

(Stephanie Guy) #11

Lucky ladies! I wish my hubby would do the bbq! I love bbq’s and the socialising that often goes with them, but sadly I nearly always end up on my own in the garden.

(Pauline Hayward) #12

Rain ruined our first BBQ of the year today, but we still had a great family meal with the Grandchildren etc.


(Jan Ryan) #13

Shame about the rain, hopefully we will have lots of lovely week ends to make up for it :slight_smile:

(Susan Mochrie) #14

Great to hear other Folksers are having BBQ’s, we even had one on Christmas day and have already had half a dozen this year, nothing too elaborate, in case of a weather change!! Here’s a few skewered chilli prawns!

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #15

Christmas Day Well that is different! A turkey on a BBQ? So does one person stand outside in the cold while the rest of you stay cosy in the house?