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30 Days Wild

(Helen Dale) #1

any nature lovers out there want to join in for #30 Days Wild?? up here

(sejleather) #2

That looks fun … I’ll take a look later :smiley: I think I might like to try that

(Stephanie Guy) #3

That does look fun, have you signed up Helen @HandbagsbyHelen?. Did you receive anything through the actual post? I would like the emails but really don’t want the wall chart or anything on paper, I get enough junk mail as it is :slight_smile:

(Helen Dale) #4

Hi @StephanieGuy I only signed up this morning, but was only asked to give an email address I think, so am only expecting emails of ideas.

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #5

I signed up the other week but only managed to start it today as been away, i’m tracking mine on my Twitter page and also following the #30DaysWild page & tags there too.

I got the e-mail one as they had no postal ones left, you get downloadable booklet, wall chart which you can print or just view. Lots of great idea’s on their website too and on their Twitter page. @StephanieGuy you could do some wild sketching as you do your diary …i plan to do some wild sketching, as well as a few other bits. J x

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Just signed up for the digi pack. It feels a bit like a wild/mindfulness fusion, I shall enjoy doing some of the suggestions.