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A bit of a plea

Hi everyone, this is a bit of an unusual post…some of you may have heard of ‘crowdwish’ where people submit wishes to be ‘made true’. I was hoping to get a few votes to get my wish to come true. You can find it here:
It’s worth a try!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely morning

I clicked on the link but I’m very confused. What is it?

I’d have thought that if your wish is for a doctor to figure out what is wrong with you that you would do better visiting your GP than making a plea on a website. Keep a diary of your symptoms and keep visiting your GP (I’m talking every couple of weeks) until they get to the bottom of it or refer you to a specialist to look into it. Make sure you see the same GP each time - this is what I didn’t do and the different GPs that saw me didn’t have time to check my history to realise that I was presenting with the same sort of symptoms month after month which delayed diagnosis somewhat.
Fingers crossed you find the right doctor soon.


It’s a website I heard about whilst listening to radio4. Each day people submit ‘wishes’ - it can be anything from something as small as ‘I wish someone would bring me pizza for lunch’ to bigger things, and the wish with the most votes at the end of each day gets ‘granted’ to the best of the teams ability.

As for my ‘wish’, I’m on a waiting list for the hospital again, a different department this time. It’s just that lists are months and months long, so it’s frustrating.

It’s a good website and worth taking a look at. Unfortunately, my wish didn’t win yesterday!