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A little help with signing up to Stripe please?

Hi all,

moved house and that somehow triggered me letting my little card business hall by the wayside, anyway trying to get my a*** back in gear and came on Folksy to see this thing about Stripe - I’m not fully sure how it works but figured there wasn’t anything to lose by signing up.

Anyway, got a bit stumped early on by the question “what do you sell; when do you charge the customer?”

Not really sure what to write in there, mainly the second half that’s left me stumped…

We charge at point of sale, also sometimes known as point of purchase. (Some companies let you have the stuff and then invoice you giving you eg 30 days (that bit can change) to pay the invoice.)
The answer for you for the first part of the question for you would be cards - they are just trying to find out if you sell a physical thing, a service or a digital thing and how risky they consider it to be. If you are selling something that they consider to have a high risk for fraud or customers asking for refunds then they don’t send your funds to the bank as quickly.

Ah, Thanks! Remembered buying something on eBay and the payment went through at some point after I got it, wasn’t sure if I should be doing something like that.