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Could these listings be considered for the made in Cornwall guide please

and these for the handmade jewellery gift guide


these birds for ‘gifts that you can personalise’ please

First time I have been on this one…
Please consider adding one of my pincushions to the gift for makers guide or one of my bear making kits
I would love to have one of my dolls or bears chosen for the Artisan or luxury gift guides, I have plenty to choose from

I have just noticed the ‘gifts for bird lovers’ guide and I have nothing listed. Most of my work is based around the theme of birds so would really appreciate something of mine to be featured please @folksycontent ? Perhaps either of these?

or this one please @folksycontent

one more … @folksycontent

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Hi I’ve been on Folksy for a while now and sadly haven’t sold anything (purely my fault, I’m sure I haven’t been active enough, but have been working on this for the last few months). I’ve just noticed the gift guides and thought if I had some of my pieces listed in these it might help. So I’m really sorry, but I’m now going to inundate you with gift guide requests. If you include any a big thank you :slight_smile:

Made in Lancashire/Cumbria:

Handmade ceramics:

Handmade vases:

Gifts for nature lovers:


Fingers (and toes) crossed!

Hi there, I would like to feature in the eco-friendly gift guide as I use sustainably sourced ingredients and materials for my shampoo bars and soaps and package them without using plastic.:sunflower:

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