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Advice on card spinners wanted

I’ve just put this thread on Craft Talk, but noticed too late that the forum is not visited nearly as frequently as this one. So apologies if I’m not supposed to duplicate.
I sell my cards through a local farm shop. There are a couple of wire card floor-standing card spinners there which I use but the divisions are too wide for anything smaller than a 5.5 x 5.5 inch card. In one of the slots, someone has put a “small cards” acrylic holder which is perfect for my smaller cards. It just drops into the wire holder. I’ve been looking online for something similar but can’t find anything.
Has anyone any suggestions as to where I could find something suitable. Its probably about 4.5 or 5" wide, about 1.5 inches high and the same front to back and is in clear acrylic.

What about a business card holder, would that fit?

or there are some on Ebay

Funny you should suggest that! I was looking at them this morning when I placed a stationery order at work. However at 95mm wide, they’re not big enough to take an A6 card (105mm wide). But thank you for taking the time to reply.

The ebay one is 105mm wide…it may be worth looking at a few others as they do seem to vary a bit in size.