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Advice please on my background

Advice please on the background of my gift boxes…they are taken on a wood table and look boring if I do say so myself :frowning: but feel they need something else…advice greatfully accepted :smiley:

From the angle you’ve taken the photo at I find it difficult to appreciate the 3Dness of the box (if you get my drift). Could you drop down to shoot at a lower angle (so that you get more of the white wall in the back ground) and then pop a pine cone or small bauble or 2 next to the box to act as scale and suggest christmas to shoppers?

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I would agree with Sasha @SashaGarrett - try and maybe take the photo with the box at a slight angle rather than straight on (you could use the straight on shot as one of your additional photos) so yo maybe see a bit of the side - sort of like this

and try and keep the horizontal line of the table horizontal ( maybe thats just me being a bit OCD!)

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We’re on the same wave length @OrchardFelts thats exactly what I mean (I didn’t have anything to hand to do a mock up) and I agree the line where the table meets the wall it needs to be horizontal - a few degrees off just looks wrong. Picasa has a straighten tool or your camera might have an option to add guide lines to the screen when you are shooting so you can line it up at that point.

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Thank you @OrchardFelts and @SashaGarrett I know what you mean :wink: will retake :wink:

I agree with all of the above, a 3D shot is better than shooting from above for your products.

Also there is nothing wrong with having a nice piece of wood underneath or behind (if you are shooting from the side) your product. It is a much worse mistake to have a busy background with too much going on and distracting from it. Wood is just interesting enough, without wanting to take over the whole show with a song and dance routine.

Sam x

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