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All I want is a skeleton!

Its not much to ask for is it? Id like to make a glass coffin and put a skeleton in it for Halloween.
Ive looked on the net and really cant find anything appropriate. Im thinking maybe wait til the likes of Asda have them(as they usually have good Halloween items)but then itl be too late if I want to list it to sell. Any idea where I can get a 6" realistic looking scary skeleton from?

I was in Asda yesterday and they had some great halloween stuff and pound world have a HUGE halloween selection too. Although I’m not sure how realistic their skeletons would be :expressionless:

How about buying a mold/ mould so that you can make your own from epoxy resin or polymer clay? A quick search turned up lots of silicon molds (in USA hence the spelling) meant for cake toppers but I’m sure they could be repurposed.

I guess you’ve searched eBay? Silly question, I’m sure you have. Maybe you might find one in a store like Fun & Frolic, if you have one near you, they probably have an online shop. Anyway good luck, hope you find one.

The Range have had a massive range of Hallowe’en items in for weeks now - plenty of skeletons there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies.
Can you believe a new Range has just opened up locally! I plan on going rather soon.

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I had a look at the Range web site and they have skeletons, I think I may have to go tomorrow and have a huuuuge long look around.

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Oh, the range skeleton is 17" tall, too big, but im still going to take a look. I may have to get a mould I saw on ebay instead.

I’ve seen string skeletons in places like Wilkinsons before now, like bunting but with skeletons… they where pretty cool looking.
Something like this? Each skeleton is about 6" tall- and plastic

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