All things miniature

I do love all things miniature and since I started painting tiny last year I’m hooked … this is my own Art Gallery … it is a 1:12 scale Victorian shop that my husband built for me to house my own collection of miniature art …


I love your miniature gallery Hazel, it really is wonderful.

I adore painting in miniature too, here are a couple of my smallest, newly listed today

I’m looking for a teeny tiny easel, a maximum of 5cm tall - if anyone can supply I’d love to hear from you!


i had a go at miniature-ing my zombies after i’d had a few requests for bag charms. i managed to keep all of the tiny free motion details in, but i’ve since scaled them up a wee bit - to a massive 3 inches - because they were a bit of a nightmare at the making up stage.

the smallest i made were just under 2 inches tall but too fiddly for stuffing


Hazel and Stephie, your miniature paintings are fab! Fiona your mini zombie is quite cute!

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haha, thanks margaret - i know zombies are not your cup of tea! :wink:

I just love your zombies FionaT. Zombies do give me the heebie jeebies, so I thought I’d try to get over them by acting in a film as one. It hasn’t worked, but the film should be released this year.

Anyhoo, here’s one of my miniatures



I make miniature carpets for dolls’ houses which are for sale in my Folksy miniatures shop.

Here is one, or I also sell the patterns as pdf files if you prefer to make your own.


wow Shirley, that’s awesome!

Great idea Hazel - I love all the minature items on this thread. Here is a tiny pincushion!


This is lovely!

What lovely little things…How about little Barbie dresses…

Claire xx


I love miniature goodies :grin:

I have these little Polymer Clay Strawberry cheesecake earrings. Also available in luscious lemon :lemon::strawberry:


These little pet portraits are so cute, perfect for carrying in around in your wallet as well as looking fabulous on the wall of a dolls house


Brilliant idea for anyone with a pet and a dolls house Stephie!

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Thank you Margaret. :blush: It took me many hours to make and I will be sad if it sells. But I can always make another one!

How about some little owl keyrings…I have made some as teacher gifts…this one’s my favourite…

Claire xx


These are all very cute - there’s something about a thing being made in miniature which always appeals to me. I must admit, I’d never go too small with what I do - I have tried it and it’s a nightmare because the fabric just tends to disintegrate!!

Creating in miniature is really very addictive, I have a whole section of my shop devoted to miniature paintings!


Here is a miniature crochet keyring doll: