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Alphabet Game 2020

J is for a Jumper, a chunky one for these cold days

K is for knitted scarf

L is for Lamb hottie

M is for Moon.

needle felt hare and moon picture, wool picture… - Folksy

N is for needle case, I have a selection, this one is tweed.

O is for Oval shaped Pendant.

Beautiful Wooden Oval Pitch Pine Pendant Necklace

P is for Peony

Q is for quick this special offer won’t last long!

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R is for Red hat

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S is for the Sea

T is for turquoise

U is for unusual

V for Very Merry Winter

W is for Wales

X for Xmas

Y is for your nana
Morning everyone

Z is for zig zag

A is for Autumn.

B is for Book :slight_smile:

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C is for Christmas Decoration

Wooden Oak Snowman Christmas Bauble

Wooden Oak Snowman Christmas Bauble - Folksy