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Alphabet Game - New for 2019

O is for Opalite

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P is for a pretty peacock painting

Q is for quite the cutest teddy baby cot/bag

R is for Rose bridal coat hanger,

S is for stretch bracelet

T is for T-shirt, one of today’s listings:

Unisex hearts…

V is for Valley stream

W is for wedding cake

It’s a shame that this thread always sticks at X, so, as XstitcherJoss, I hereby appoint myself the person to unstick it, with a X-stitch dribble bib:


Y is for yoyo

The only one on Folksy!

Z is for Zipped and Zingy coloured make up bag

A is for Anemone atop a tea cosy, perfect for Afternoon tea

B is for the Bee on this Baby vest.

C is for Crocus Coat hanger

D is for Dragonflies

E is for egg

F is for flamingo necklace

Green dress collar…

H is for Hand Painted