Alphabet Game

E for Envelope

F is for fingerless mitts

G is for Guest Book

H is for Heart Hottie,

I is for Inney Weeny… :wink:

J is for jacket, in this crocheted burgundy ladies crocheted jacket!

Natalie x

K is for knitted beanie hat

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L is for Lamps

M is for Moon gazing hare,

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N is for neck warmer infinity scarf

O for Order of Day/Service cards

P is for pink & brown triangles lampshade

Q is for Queue. My bunny clothes hangers all have wonderfully fluffy pompom tails, go take a look, cute huh?

R is for rain!

S is for scarf

T is for the Tower of London!

U is for umbrella.

V is for Victorian lace heart …

W for Weddings!

X is for Xtremely lovely painting (lol,well I think it is…lol)