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(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Hi peeps, sorry, this isnt a cheery post… for years Ive been trying to find the burial or resting place of my aunt who died in the 40’s. I have her death certificate and know the area she died in but as for the exact resting place I have no idea.
Any clever person on here know where I can get such info?

(Christine Shephard) #2

You could contact the County Record Office for the area where she died and ask whether they have burial records for that particular parish/area. The parish church may have recorded the burial in their registers, or a local cemetery may have deposited registers for that period.
Failing that, there should be a local Family History Society that will be able to help - often members transcribe burial lists and record names from local cemeteries etc. The County Record Office would be able to put you in touch with them. You could also try the National Archives at Kew, where copies of many registers are now kept.

(Rachel) #4

I thought that the local register of births deaths and marriages had to be able to pin point the exact location of any grave within its care, I know that when we looked we had to trawl through “microfish” tapes at the local library to find the registration office of the death and then contact
We also looked at deceasedonline but that might be through your ancestry site.
Good luck

(Silvapagan) #5

Have you tried Was your aunt a member of a church congregation? The majority of burials for those living in urban areas would take place in the municipal cemeteries, so that would be a place to start.

(Marg) #6

You could also try the local newspaper, which should be in the local record office, or even the local library. you may get references to relatives who you can contact. Funeral directors usually put a notice in the local paper and possibly it will state where the funeral or cremation was held. Some cremations don’t have a memorial you can look at though. Is it possible that she died in one area and wished to be buried in another? Good luck with your search. Marg.

(Alison Mackenzie) #7

Your best bet might be the cemeteries/burials department of the relevant local Council covering the area. I contacted Newcastle City Council’s Cemeteries and Crematorium section last year to find out where my great grandparents were buried. In this case I knew which cemetery it was, but they sent me the section and plot numbers and a plan of the cemetery, showing roughly where it was.

Good luck.

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

Thanks for all your help, I try all the options asap.