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Animal themed items

(Silvana Briers) #442 Just renewed this today - part of my hand-cut (not machine done!) bronze penny coin collection.P474|418x400

(Qteacup) #443

(Jan Ryan) #444

(Lynn Britton) #445

Bumble bees

(Silvana Briers) #446 Another of my dog pieces. I like Westies but I don’t have one though my friend has - I have a toy poodle but she isn’t cut like people assume they’ve got to be like in a show, so she wouldn’t be as recognisable as terriers can be.

(Sarah Eves) #447

For the best dressed passport…

(Linda Carter) #448

Hello, I’ve just listed this lovely linocut print.

(Roxanne Levy) #449

Hello from mr Puffin!

(Johanna Makinen) #450

Little birds - I’ve made a few different ones, but here’s the newest one.

(Roxanne Levy) #451

Perfect for Easter

(Roxanne Levy) #452

4 cute dogs!

(Sarah Eves) #453

A fox in the sale.

(Blackthorpe) #454


(MadeintheTemple) #455

A fox themed bag today.

(Sarah Eves) #456