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Are Sales Slow for Everyone?

This post nails it.

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My sales are fine. I’m not exactly visible in the gift guides But I have built up pretty good SEO on all my Folksy listings over time and with that and my own promotions on social media I tick along very nicely.
Do I want Folksy to become another E***… of course I don’t. Don’t want to pay E*** prices for the advertising privilege thank you very much nor compete in what is often a market full of bought in Chinese Goodies. If I wanted to do that I would take my shop there out of its 6 year long holiday …
Advertising is Very expensive I’ve said it before and I say it again. If you want the site to advertise for you you must be prepared to either move to a site which does and pay for it or for your fees here to increase accordingly And it still will not help most as the advertising can’t cover every listing so most will still be left out in the cold.
I note that Folksy Is restricted to British made so can never be the international player that the two E*** places are.

Sort out your SEO, your tags, your photos eg follow the advice you will find all over this forum and get yourself on Social media and help yourself to the big wide world out there.
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Wholeheartedly agree with Joy. Et$y fees are astronomical in comparison to other platforms. I sell patterns on there because actually once you’ve written the pattern you can sell it as many times as you like and whatever you make minus fees is profit. However, I would not want to be trying to make a sensible profit from physical items over there especially when handmade items are battling against cheap mass produced imports. I sell very slowly on here currently because at present all my energies and sm are devoted to my other handmade platform, as a result sales there are excellent. The point is that with a little work it’s perfectly possible to drive traffic yourself. I most definitely would not want Folksy to become another Et$y!