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Are you on Instagram?

(Detola and Geek) #82

Hi Emma

You have limited number of characters to use in your Bio. I guess you can rejig it to fit both. I also use my “other shop” in my Bio :wink:

Tola x

p.s following you

(Gail Griggs) #83

Hello! I love Instagram and can be found here:

(Stitchingarainbow) #84

I find it much more relaxed on ig than fb, on fb you feel you have to like everybody back, comment, reply to every comment. On ig I fallow who I want, and I do not expect that everyone will follow me back. I have completely strangers just finding my photo, looking at my feed and following, just because they like it. It is so refreshing compared to constant networking on fb…

(Debbie Gill) #85

Hi, I like Instagram but am still finding my feet with it, you can find me at:

(Becky Pearce) #86

Love instagram - I’m here… can’t wait to follow a few more Folksy folks and see what you’re all up to.

(Lois Bell) #87

I’ve been on Instagram for a wee while but have only just conquered the bad photos I take on my phone with my shaky hands. I take photos with my camera (mostly) and email them to my phone, then put them on instagram from there. Lets me check the quality etc and crop before I inflict them on a poor unsuspecting world.

(Sara Smith) #88

Hi everyone

The comments on here have been really useful. I have been through and followed lots of you. Some beautiful photos!

Even though I have only just started out on it I have found that using # have gained likes from people not following me. I’m just trying to work out best tags to use.

I’m on it at inkybird66

Sara :smile:

(Claire Smith) #89

Hi everyone! I am also on instagram:


(Jeanie Hansford) #90

Still learning how it all works, I don’t spend enough time playing!!
Jeanie x

(Pauline Hayward) #91

I think I’ve now sorted it out. I’m

(Stephanie Thornton) #92

I love Instagram right now. Following lots of you thanks to this thread now!
I’m :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #93

What’s the illegal clause Eileen?

I joined recently and love it so far. This is me

At the moment I tend to share photos from my fb page to instagram via the app. Going forward I see it as a way of showing wip and in context pics. I like the filters, they are an easy way to make a wip shot look good. I can then share the same photo on my fb page (from my instagram folder on my phone)…that’s the theory anyway.

(Thedotterypotter) #94

I joined a few years ago but only posted 3 pictures up until today as I wasn’t at all sure what I was doing. This morning, I have made it my aim to try and figure it out!

So I’m here :

My camera phone is not the best but I’m going to try and take photos of work in progress etc.

(Oh Button Me) #95

I am new to instagram but tryed to go through and follow some of you. Mine is ohbuttonme :blush:

(pipdesigns) #96

I’m here! -

My first upload was to show off a gorgeous new pair of shoes and handbag! Please take a peek!

(knitfest) #97

First of all… I LOVE instagram :slight_smile:
I’ve been using it for a while at my personal account:
But I’ve just set up a new account for my business which I’ll be launching in May:
Any tips on managing two accounts?

Angharad x

(Nobias Art) #98

That is why I never joined neither, my camera on my phone is pretty rubbish and prefer to use my DSLR made pictures:D In love with my camera, lol:) Finally decided to join Instagram 2-3days ago, but I can’t find an option from pc to upload pics:( Where can you?

(Nobias Art) #99

followed now quite few of yous, but still just learning how to use Instagram. I only joined few days ago though, plenty to learn :slight_smile: But here I am in case someone wants to follow me:. Also do you know if Instagram accounts can be put on Folksy?:slight_smile: Only seen fb, twitter and pinteres and you own website options:) Got all of those, lol

(Melanie Commins) #100

As far as I’m aware there is no direct option. I get around this by emailing images from my laptop to myself and then using my phone to share them on instagram.

(Sue Beacham) #101

My Instagram page, I have been on it short time, I love it, I have well over 200 followers now This is my instagram page I will follow my folksy friends to support you