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Are you on Instagram?

(MinnieandClarence) #102

I love Instagram, I’ve discovered some awesome pages and hope to find a few more!

(Little Red Apple) #103

I’m on Instagram and I’ve found lots of new inspiring artists and crafters to follow


(PearlsAndPebbles) #105

Instagram is great for getting inspiration, i’m

(Anita Rose Designs) #106

Still finding my feet with instagram but have loved seeing all your pics, if you like you can find me here as im 1 for using my “proper” camera I keep forgetting about my phone but am trying to get better!

(Claire Davis) #107

You can also do this by getting a Dropbox account, adding it to your pc and phone, tablet etc. Then put the photos you take with your camera in your Dropbox folder on your pc, they will show up in the dropbox folder on your phone too, then when in Instagram you can select to use a picture from the dropbox account. My phone camera’s not that great either so that’s what I do, except when I take a work in progress shot and then I just use my phone to take a quick picture.

I’ve been using dropbox for a few years and love it. It means I have all my photos handy on my phone in case I’m out and about and want to show somebody, like a portfolio :slight_smile: I also keep my accounts files stored on it too in case anything happens to my computer.

Hope this helps x

(Claire Davis) #108

I’m here:

Only been using it a short while but very much like it. Will go through and follow some of those who have already commented :slight_smile:

(Quillextra) #109

Someone asked me about links recently, trouble is I’m not sure about them. I am on Instagram as Quillextra and I’m linked to Twitter. I don’t like Facebook it’s too intrusive for me. Can anyone explain the https things please. Thanks in advance.

(Camilla) #110

You can also do a screengrab on your phone @Birdandmonkey. My 14-year-old son taught me that one.

(Stephanie Guy) #111

After several attempts I have finally got instagram to post directly to my fb page. I can choose when it posts for me, it doesn’t do it everytime.

These are the instructions I followed

At the last stage I had to wait a few minutes for it to show me my pages - I think I had been too impatient on previous attempts.

So far I’m very happy with the posts it’s done for me, it’s saved me uploading the same pic and typing similar things twice…although I will have to think more carefully about wording as I’m generally much more brief on instagram than on fb where chat is king.

(Sophie Dockrill) #112

Ooh yes, I joined recently- still getting the hang of it!

(Stephanie Guy) #113

Of those of you who share posts onto your facebook page and get more views that way, are your posts significantly different to those that you normally share on fb? Mine are pretty much the same, but I get way less views (at least half) if I share directly from instagram rather than take the time to copy and paste with the photo onto my page.

(Sue Beacham) #114

I have been on Instagram for some months now, I love it !!! I have well over 560 followers and I have sold 5 items, I send my customers to folksy and its here they buy my crafts. please check out my instagram, address below

Have a good day and hopefully sales !!!

(Helen Johnson) #115

(Sue Beacham) #116

(LoveHeartTrinkets) #117

I’m on there too! Will be having a look around for some fellow Folksy sellers to follow :smile:


(Thecardjeanie) #118

Just had a look at you on Instagram. Lovely mix of photos…

I’m @cardjeanie

Jeanie x

(Joy Salt) #119

I’ve had an account for years with a single photo - of a bluebell wood.
Decided to try it for my glass. Not got very far yet apart from loading 5 photos which was tedious as I don’t use my phone for pictures so had to shoot them across from my pc.

Is there any way to add links —to Facebook page, Folksy listings. I copy/pasted a Folksy link but it’s not clickable.

(Alexandra) #120

I signed up to instagram about a year ago. I love it :heart:

I’ve been uploading my WIP

(Pelin Hanley) #121

Yes, I’m

I will follow those who follow me :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #122

I’ve recently started on Instagram - at last - hooray !