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Are you on Instagram?

(brm) #123

Oh this thread is much better than the other Insta thread I saw yesterday! Lots of links! I have about a hundred tabs open now.

I’m here (business account):

but also here (personal account): jai_bee

(Little Ramstudio) #124

Only just started on IG, here we are…

(JewelleryhandcraftedbyPauline) #125

I love Instagram :two_hearts: This is the link to my page

(JDCrafts) #126

I recently started on instagram
my link

(Fallon1986) #127

LOVE instagram!
is mine, would love to meet some newbies!

(Jacquie Williams) #128

I have Instagram and love it, I do post ALOT of pictures of my cats so be warned :smile:

(Sharon Cleghorn) #129

@DizzyMissJames cheers for this. I joined Instagram a week or so ago but still not got my head around it so will be spending my lunch time tomorrow reading these posts. Hopefully this time tomorrow I will know all things Instagram lol

(pragyaagarwal) #130

Hello all! I’ll try and follow. My Instagram is

(GrainneCC) #131

Yes I’m on instagram. My page is :blush:

(Laura Toal) #132

(FatBrownMouseDesigns) #133

We’re on Instagram too

(Caroline) #134

I’ve just opened an Instagram account for Bobbles’ Blankets. I’d be really grateful for any follows and will follow back.

I wanted to separate it from my personal account, which is all running related!

(Caroline Wong) #135

Hello all. I’m on instagram

(Simon Hatton) #136

I’m fairly new to instagram and would love to increase my following. I’ll obviously follow you back.

(OwlOnTheRoof) #137

I am indeed!

(WildlifeArtByHayley) #138

(jessicagoulty) #139

I’ve only just started mine, so not many pics yet.

(Denise Busby) #140

Love your crochet. Just started to follow you

(Caroline) #141

I’m on Instagram, I have two accounts but this is my craft based one. Sometimes I get mixed up and post about my running on there!

(Lily Lily Handmade) #142

Just started and not quite sure what I am doing with this yet :slight_smile: