Folksy Ltd

Asked to supply to another site has anyone else used them?

(Anita Rose Designs) #1

I have been approached by Dorothy and Theodore and asked if I would like to sell through them too. I just wondered if anyone else has used them. I am happy just to use Folksy but there is no harm in asking is there?

(Stephanie Pearce) #2

They have contacted me through my website several times and I have declined as I thought the commission was too high.

(Heidi Meier) #3

They have contacted me via Facebook and I must admit I’ve not had a chance to think about it yet. I’m not sure I was given commission details, but on the face of it, the website looks professional and they seem to have generated a lot of positive pr. I’ll be interested to hear what you decide to do!! Sorry I can’t give any personal advice though…

(Suzanne (Sue) Casey) #4

I’ve been asked too Anita. Initially I was really flattered but the 24% commission is worrying me. My prices are low enough as is. I wouldn’t make anything. Would be interested to hear of anyone’s experience with them though. Looks like a nice website. So hard to know what to do

(Sonia Adam) #5

I was asked too & googled them out of interest. They didn’t look that great to me (big up-front fee & commission!) but do your own research & decide for yourselves.

(Anita Rose Designs) #6

I had done a bit of digging and I was unsure of the £50 upfront fee and the 24% commission even though as you say @Textiletreasure they seem to be good at the PR. I was interested to see though that a lot of people after signing up did not re-sign. Only a couple seemed to make a decent profit. I had just wondered if anyone had taken them up on the offer and how they got on.
I cant afford £50 at the moment untill Folksy takes off a bit better.
Thanks for all your comments

(Christine E.) #7

I was asked but, as I’m in the process of changing what I make and sell, I didn’t look into it any further. I’m a bit put out that they’ve asked lots of other people…I’d thought I’d been specially selected!.. :slight_smile:

(Heidi Meier) #8

Ha ha ha - I thought that too - but then told myself that’s just because Folksy is a haven for people who make lovely stuff!!! :wink:

(Joy Salt) #9

Phew. Just received my invite. Wondered what it was about my stuff they didn’t like that I’d not been asked ! Glad I don’t now need to bother opening the attachment to find out what they’re offering. A quick thank you and no thank you is on its way back xx

(Maureen Laurenson) #10

I had this invite earlier in the week. They must be very busy sending these messages. They are clever as the message does make you feel specially chosen at first!

(Aasiyah Johnson) #11

I also got an invite after Christmas and thought the commission was way to high.

(Anita Rose Designs) #12

I googled reviews and the fact a lot would not sign for a second year, commission was high and a £50 fee upfront certainly put me off.
We are all special anyway! :kissing_heart: