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Awesome Merchandise e-mails

Is it just me of has anyone else just received 10 copies of the same Awesome Merchandise e-mail? I would say it was 1 for each competition entry but I didn’t actually enter that many times…

Congratulations to the winners and all that but I’m afraid I’ve unsubscribed straight away :frowning:

haha I beat you, Helen

I got 11 copies :octopus:

What are they thinking?

I had a look at their website a few days back and couldn’t work out how many, for example, vinyl stickers you got for the price. It surely couldn’t be one for that amount?! Confused.

Not really going to make the best impression like this, are they?

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I got 11 copies too, I only entered twice. I’ve also unsubscribed, just in case I get 11 copies of every mailshot they decide to send out. :scream:

Ok, I want to know where my 11th copy went then? :wink:


Oh my goodness, I got 23, deleated and unsubscribed, that is totally ridiculous

You’re definitely winning so far then @SueTrevor - can anyone beat 23?

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No just 11 lol

I didn’t enter because I object to the usage of the word “awesome” which should only be applied to things like the appearance of God or one of His Archangels or something like the aurora borealis, a breaching whale viewed at close quarters, a fantastic sunset, or ( insert something here that can truly be described as awesome…)


I’m not big on entering competitions at all but the lure of the runner up prize plus account (mine has just run out) was hard to resist :wink:

I shall think twice next time, this sort of being bombarded with e-mails is exactly why I often don’t enter.

i really wanted to win as the prize would have been great.
not sure about all the e-mails though but was worth it for a chance at the prize as would have been fun & useful to have had the opportunity to try out new things that i wouldn’t normally be able to do.

oh dear I feel like I missed out I only got 6 but like some others have now unsubscribed

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I had 11 emails too, so I emailed them straight away. Here’s the reply that I received (fairly soon after I sent my email, to their credit):

Emma (Awesome Merchandise)
Feb 8, 17:45

Hi there,

Thanks for the email.

Please accept our upmost apologies about that. I can assure you it wasn’t intentional, there was an error with our email software. It is nothing to do with the subscription itself.

Apologies again!

All the best,


I got 11 too! I wondered what on earth was happening!! I also unsubscribed! I only entered the competition once.
Good luck to the winners but I won’t be bothering again given the option!
Di :grimacing:

Ah I was going to enter but slipped my mind by the looks of it I didnt miss out on anything other than loads of spam :laughing: