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Back from my mat leave and folksy has changed!

(Claire Louise Barlow) #1

Goodness me I went on Maternity leave at the end of April, I come back and everything has changed! Its taken me a while to get used to the new folksy layout. How is everyone else enjoying it? The home page is certainly more eye catching.

Paypal and the dark side have changed too! I’m still struggling to navigate on the dark side,I’'m not sure whether its my baby brain or that it is truly more difficult?

Anyway I now have a new little girl, we named her Tabitha and she is gorgeous! Yesterday was her 1st day in the studio with me and it went quite well…she’s only 5 months and not mobile yet haha…Christmas is going to be fun :wink:

So I’m back, what else is new?


(Deborah Jones) #2

Welcome back Claire-Lou , congratulations on the arrival of your new little daughter. You may just get through this year before she is un-stoppable.

Yes changes everywhere , and yes truly it is more difficult to navigate the dark side , hopefully all the tinkering will result in great Christmas sales .

(Thecraftycurioshop) #3

Welcome back Claire-Lou and also hello and welcome to Tabitha.
Yes, quite a lot of changes here. There has been quite a lot said on the forums. 2 threads in particular you might like to look at (if you get the time !) - What’s happened to the views and Folksy front page - all change.
Hope you get back into it quickly and start selling again soon. Enjoy the baby years though, believe me it will go very quickly!
Pauline x