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Back to work blues

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #1

Anyone else experiencing the back to work blues? I could hardly sleep last night fretting about my lessons tomorrow, I hate back to work anxiety! Sometimes I think it would be better not to have so long at Easter x

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(Susan Bonnar) #2

Ha! No I have the back to school yippees! I love my kids to bits but working and juggling 3 littles is hard work! Mind you I realised 2/3 of them have an inset day tomorrow - so just a yip really and the yippees for Tuesday!! So many orders to make and get posted :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #3

The jewellery is my job so no time off for good behaviour here. And I gave up my saturday to go to a gem/ bead show so I could go and see my tame lapidarist to discuss with him the cutting of the spectrolite slabs I bought in Finland whilst I was there on a ‘business trip’. Its a hard life having to spend time looking at (by which I obviously mean buying) shiny things but I’ve got some beauties for the stash.

(Roz) #4

I’m with you on that one Susan @dottiedesigns - when my two were younger I longed for them to head back to school but now they are almost grown up (18 and 19) I love it when they are home even though it does mean I get very little done. As for back to work blues - I get that every Monday morning (and tuesday, wednesday …!)

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(Lorraine Burt) #5

One child and one husband back at school tomorrow, 1 child still off till Tuesday. Husband has the back to school blues but the kids are fine!

(Susannah Ayre) #6

I totally have the back to work blues. Worst nights sleep ever just before we go back- last night was no different and now I just feel miserable! :frowning:

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(Jshandmadedesigns) #7

I just returned to work last week after being off for 3 months, did not sleep at all for about three nights.

(SaskiaN) #8

My daughter had them! she’s 6, and this morning we had “I have a tummy ache! an ear ache! a head ache! I hurt my ankle yesterday I can’t walk . . .”

We missed the line but we made it for the register . . .

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(Diane Keeble) #9

I’ve got another week off so not yet but I do get them and I only work a few hours! I only have one school age child now - he’s revising for GCSEs but I love having him at home. My other son has just gone back to uni and I will miss having him around.

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(Helen Healey) #10

I get the back to work blues every Monday morning! I’d much rather be crafting full time than working for someone else but needs must. I only had Good Friday and Easter Monday off but I definitely had back to work blues on the Tuesday. I lose track of the school hols now both my kids have left. My son was back from Uni at Easter though, so that was nice.

(Sasha Garrett) #11

I’d love to get back to work but at the moment that seems to consist of sending emails, typing up invoices and and sorting out expenses.

(Susan Bonnar) #12

Well done - gold sticker for you then fighting against all of that!

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #13

I get the poor nights sleep in the run up to the return to school. I didn’t have too bad a day today though x

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #14

How awful, did you get on ok? X

(Susannah Ayre) #15

Errggh I did. I also blame the fact that I went on a 30mile bike ride yesterday too- so I’m a bit sore! Haha glad yours wasn’t so bad though! Mines always better on the Monday night. I have a Monday night ritual where after dinner I have a bath then have an early night and just read my book in bed. It helps me have a good nights sleep on the Mon night and sets me up for the week. Haha

(Rhiannon Rose) #16

Utter misery! No free time until Wed afternoon this week, extra revision for y11 and a faculty meeting tomorrow.

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(Jshandmadedesigns) #17

Ok like first day nerves @VioletJewellery

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(Sarah Lambert) #18

For the first time in my life I don’t go to work or run a business (apart from my little shop here)- it’s not as great as it sounds :frowning: I keep browsing on Indeed.

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #19

I feel your pain. Mine have 5 lessons left until final coursework deadline but what’s this? An unannounced round of mock exams that haven’t been calendared and happen to fall on three of my five remaining lessons…yay! :@

(Rhiannon Rose) #20

We have about 20 lessons to go, no coursework, and, joy of joys, it’s the bottom set. Some have just realised that they won’t be getting a C grade…

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