Folksy Ltd

Banning a buyer

Hi there
Does anybody know if it’s possible to ban someone from your shop to stop them purchasing anything?
Any advice greatly appreciated x

I’ll admit to being perplexed as to why you would want to stop someone from purchasing from you but emailing admin ( with details of who and why and they should be able to help you out but I don’t think even they would be able to stop someone who was shopping as a guest buyer without logging into an account.

You are probably not able to block them, but you can refuse to send the order and send them back a refund. If you have been in contact with them before, you could email them and explain.

Well, I never had such problem, but this kind of situations can happen when you are in business.

If the person you are dealing with has been abusive etc, you can speak to Folksy Admin.

I don’t think you can block, as such, but you are entitled to refuse to sell to them. If they buy, immediately cancel and refund their order. You don’t have to offer any explanation unless you want to. I’d second BelaFarCraft’s advice though - if there’s been any form of abuse or aggro then I’d let Admin know.