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BCTF acceptance to round off a fab week - Out to celebrate!

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #1

This might be a relatively small accomplishment because, at the end of the day, we’ll be paying them for the privilege but to know that they think we’re up to scratch is very exciting :slightly_smiling:
We’re looking to do the fair in 2017, has anyone else had experience of this fair? Any tips?

This comes after we’ve had a really successful week sourcing our packaging, designing our displays and clinching a prize position at a very popular local fair so I’m buzzing!

(Karen Ellam) #2

Congratulations :blush:

Enjoy your night out.


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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #3

Thanks Karen! I had the nicest glass of wine to celebrate and welcome the half term :slight_smile:

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(Sarah Lambert) #4

What is BCTF ? Sorry it’s been a long week :slightly_smiling:

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #5

It’s the British craft trade fair. A huge trade fair in Harrogate for British crafts people. All stall holders are vetted and everything must be of your own design and made by hand in the UK. You have to be accepted after registration and we were just approved today :slight_smile:

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(Sarah Lambert) #6

Aw- well done, hope it’s successful for you- and Harrogate’s a lovely town isn’t it :slightly_smiling:

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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #7

We won’t be exhibiting until 2017 but to be honest I didn’t think they’d think we were up to scratch for it because we don’t have much of a collection currently so it was a real surprise when we were accepted. We have two new ranges coming this summer so we’ll be ready for it lol x