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Beach clean- if you have a dog on a beach please read!

Hi folks!
Today was the Surfers Against Sewage beach clean on the beach at the bottom of my steet.
It’s a blue flag beach (has been for some years now) and it’s actually pretty clean- compared to other beaches I’ve been to.
Yet around the 30/40 people who turned up we still managed to fill a lot of bags.

One thing that was noticed by everyone was the insane amount of brightly coloured foam/sponge pieces.

They are all from the soft foam/sponge dog balls. Obviously a lot of people take these to the beach to play with their dogs, but mustn’t realise how much they rip apart when their dog is playing with them. A lot just get left behind as well when the dog doesn’t bring them back and they’re assumed lost.
I’m not a dog owner myself, but I’m assuming they’re pretty cheap so when one goes missing people just replace it and don’t bother hunting for it.

Due to the colours and the sizes of the pieces, once in the sea plenty birds/fish will eat the pieces.

Just wanted to pass on what we’d discovered- it’s amazing the things you find from year to year and how they change.
But if you’re a dog owner and live by the beach, if you can please spread the word- and maybe get people to take a ball that doesn’t break apart too easily. (And take it home again)

Thanks folks!! Have a good day!! :blush:


totally agree! We always take our rubbish home, and other peoples at time too.
P.S. i don’t live near the beach :smile:

Hahaa well, seaside, countryside…we need to look after it all! :blush::blush:

I don’t have a dog, but my mum has 2. I will have to make sure their balls are up to scratch the next time I see her! Thanks for the warning!

Love Sam x

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Thanks Sam!
That would be great! Get her to spread the word!! :blush::blush:

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Thank you for this I will share it on the springer spaniel forum I am on. Rachel

That would be great! Thanks Rachel! :blush: