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Belly Button Dachshund

(Rachel) #1

Hi I received this message from Jo @KnowleKnits, she would like some help and I can not help her. Would anyone on here be able to respond to Jo via direct contact she is not on the forum.

“My daughter had her belly button pierced and she loves dachshunds. Can you make something which would go into her piercing?

(Julie) #2

Hi Rachel, I’ve tried to PM Jo @KnowleKnits about this, but it says I’m not allowed to send a message to this user - I don’t know why. If you have another form of contact could you please let her know that I probably can help?


(Knowle Knits) #3

Thank you for replying. I am looking for a small silver (probably) dachshund on a belly stud. Could you send me details of what you may be to make? Thanks.

(Rachel) #4

Hi Jo @KnowleKnits hope you dont mind but I passed your email onto Julie @NightOwlCreative before I saw you had got on here :smiley:Rachel

(Julie) #5

Hi Jo, I’ve been trying to private message you but the system won’t allow me to for some reason - I’m guessing maybe because you are a newly signed up member. shrug

Could you perhaps email me so that I can send you some info and photos? My email is my first name @ my shop name dot co dot uk

I think Rachel tried to send me your email address but I don’t seem to have it.

(Rachel) #6

Sorry Julie that you havent got the email, please will you check your “trash” or “spam” :frowning:

(Julie) #7

Hi Rachel, looked everywhere and didn’t find the email address, so I don’t know what happened, thank you for sending it anyway! No matter now, Jo did see my forum message and we are now in touch and hopefully can fulfill her request.