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Bit Quiet in my shop

Is it me It feels so quite hardly any sales is my stuff to Dear most products on here seem quite inexpensive .??

Your prices seem very reasonable. I have found that I tend to sell my more expensive items as that end of the spectrum is less crowded (for jewellery at least) so people shopping on folksy are prepared to pay if they find something they like.
I think your descriptions and tags could be improved - this is what both the folksy search algorithm and external (eg google) search algorithms use to decide whether or not to include something in the search results. If you are not being shown in search results then potential customers won’t get to see your paintings. Here is a link to the blog post folksy wrote on writing descriptions

I also think that a ‘lifestyle’ photo is needed, could you pop the paintings in a frame on a mantle piece to show people what it could look like in their homes? That would also help them appreciate the sizing of the pieces.

Hi Stephen. Lovely pictures. Your social media links are a bit ‘iffy’… Your Facebook one doesn’t work. Your Instagram does but your link back to your shop here from there doesn’t work either.

One teeny point… we don’t use the E*** word on here… just a bit of a convention and we certainly don’t use it on our shop fronts… Maybe you should delete that. xx

Joy. The E*** word. Do you know, it took me ages before I realised what people meant when they said they had “sold” something on the dark side. Ha ha ha.


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It’s like using the F** word elsewhere :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :rofl: :rofl:


Hi Stephen.
I really like your paintings. As a fellow artist who has been doing alright here of late, I would say that your work is too cheap! I have been selling paintings for £50, £60, £70 recently.
Instagram has been good for me, but as @JOYSofGLASS says, your link from Instagram back to your shop isn’t working. You have had lots of Instagram likes on some post, so you might be missing a trick!
I get a few sales through Google, which relies on your product descriptions. I’ve noticed an incomplete sentence on one of your listings which might not be helping SEO.
As a Plus seller, I’ve also got sales through regular relisting that will pop your relisted product on the front page for a while. I see you are a Plus person too, so if you aren’t using the relist facility, it might be worth a go.
I’ve also done a few commissions recently. I put them all through my Folksy shop as I don’t have a website and I don’t really want to give out my bank details for bank transfers. You also get more reviews left in your shop that way for potential customers to read.
Love your art. good luck.


Thanks for advice helpful
Was nor aware of E word in disciptions

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I agree with your opinion of the pricing Chris @TheChrisArtist, I have seen prints more expensive than these originals. Your work is really lovely Stephen @stephenallen1 - good luck with getting more sales!

P.s. can I jump on this bandwagon and ask one or two of you experienced sellers @SashaGarrett @JOYSofGLASS to critique a couple of my listings and give your opinions on tags, etc. as I have been here 3 months and only sold a couple of items. I will appreciate and heed your advice - I promise :wink:

Half way up :

God it’s slow ?think I need a course to teach me properly.
Struggling to get link with instagram on then twitter

Hi Chris
Still very green at this used to selling my art cheap even tried eBay ?
I find every platform different, I guess it’s a slow learning curve your help has been wonderful and clear folks on here very kind to me .

Love it!!! xxx

Cheers Sally still Instagram not working

Link to Facebook is now working.

What you need to do now is put a link on your Facebook page to your shop here. A Shop Now button pointing here would be brilliant.

The link to Instagram which was working is now not. It was the link from Instagram to the Folksy shop which didn’t work before but as I can’t now get to the Instagram page I can’t see if that is ok or not. xx.

This is the link you need in your Folksy shop to your Instagram page

This is the link you need in your Instagram page to your facebook page

Tried to copy Instagram link, will not work , yet when I press your link it works fine strange ?

@SeaGlassSeaham your photos seem a bit dark on my computer screen (I accept that brightness can vary depending on user settings) so maybe lighten them up a bit using picasa or similar. Also Folksy crop the images on our shop fronts and in search results to square and some of your pictures are loosing bits in the crop.
Art is such a personal preference that I’m not sure how you would tag it to be found - sorry I can’t be of help on that point.

This is what it is telling me you have in your link :
http://adorepainting%20instagram/ … it is what I get when I press it anyway…

You should just be able to copy / paste the exact link I gave you above…

Done just will not open, something doing wrong

Your wonderful really helpful
Cheers for all that

Thanks for taking the time to look at my shop Sasha @SashaGarrett. I will revisit my photos.with a view to the lighting and cropping.