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Bought chains?

(atalantaninetofive) #1

I dont mind if I have to make chunky chains but these fine trace would take forever to make.Does anyone think or know if it is acceptable to use bought trace for small pendants?

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(Roz) #2

I think it depends on the pendant. If the pendant is handmade then using a bought chain would be acceptable but if the pendant has been bought in and added to a bought in chain then it would be considered assembled and against Folksys rules. I think thats how it works anyway, not selling jewellery myself I could be wrong but I expect others will respond too :slight_smile:

(Deborah Jones) #3

As long as you are adding a handmade pendant it is fine, if you wanted to sell bought chains alone they would need to be listed as supplies.

(atalantaninetofive) #4

Thanks Deborah,I thought maybe others were using bought trace as you would need to price yourself off the market to make it.All my items are handmade so should be ok.

(atalantaninetofive) #5

Thanks for the reply Roz, I think the answer is as you say,if the pendant is handmade,it would not be possible to make that fine trace and a profit at the same time.

(Samantha Stanley) #6

If I need trace chain for a handmade pendant then I buy it in. Such fine chain is better made my machine and is probably a consumable anyway as they so often break and have to be replaced.

I wouldn’t lose any sleep over using it.

Love Sam x

(atalantaninetofive) #7

Thanks Sam,to be honest I think I would need to be a machine to make it.

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