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Brand new 'Spirituality & Religion' Section on Folksy - help us fill it up!

Camilla @folksycontent was there a reply to my earlier question please?
I will not be offended if my question on listing of custom ordered Psychic portraits is not allowed.
Thanks x

Hi Brenda. Sorry I missed your question earlier. Yes, by all means, list those and add them to the Spirituality & Religion category. They sound intriguing.


Copper Angel decorations

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thank you Camilla…shame you missed it as I had to divert two people who were interested to the other side and I would much rather it was a folksy sale…
I shall go and list one now…xx

I have now listed the psychic portraits


Just wondering - why only Chakra jewellery? Why no sections for Rosaries or Crucifixes or Star of David or Buddhist jewellery or Sikh jewellery or Wiccan jewellery, etc, etc, etc?

Maybe it would be better to have one general “religious jewellery” to put everything into.

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why don’t you tag Camilla and see if she can add the sections that you want. That is what I did with my psychic portraits.x

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I listed this pendant today.

There is a section called Spiritual Jewellery. Is it a new addition?
I had to put a pendulum in Chakra Jewellery as it wouldn’t fit anywhere else xx

We do have a section for Spiritual Jewellery - - can this encompass what you’re interested in?

We included a chakra jewellery category because that was a popular search on Google and there were quite a lot of items that fitted into it. We’re always open to suggestions for new sections though!

Prosperity spell bottle necklace.

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Hello all, :blush: new to this forum!
Just wanted to add a little Earth Elemental aceo, will be adding more soon x

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Angel…an 18" x 14" abstract acrylic painting

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Hello again :blush: I wanted to add my remaining Elemental aceo’s, so here they are…

Thanks for looking x

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share, that I have just received my first sale, which happened to be in this new section.
I don’t need to tell you that I am so grateful and wish everyone many happy sales.

This is a great theme and I think my mantra postcards would fit nicely!

Just a reminder that, rather than just linking to your items here, you can list them directly in the section on Folksy!

A bumper bargain pack of fifteen prayer flag brooches!