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Butterfly brooch - market research

(Amy Archer) #1

I have been making a butterfly garland today, with 5 of the most common butterflies in the UK.

I thought about making some into brooches. I was searching for others, but didn’t find many actually based on real butterflies.

If you were looking for a butterfly brooch, would the colour be the most important thing, or do you look for something that resembles a actual butterfly.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

(Amy Archer) #2

Forgot to add a photo of the kind of thing I have been making!

(Bekki Stevenson) #3

Butterflies with random colours and patterns are nice but I would be more drawn to a realistic looking butterfly. It might be a favourite butterfly or one often seen on country walks that catches a customers eye. Maybe you could mention the butterflies preferred flower or where they can be found in your marketing info. I really like the ones in the pic above, the orange tip is my fave :grinning:

(Roxanne Levy) #4

I’d prefer one that was realistic and based on actual look and colours.

Good luck

(Amy Archer) #5

Thanks for your ideas, the orange tip is my favourite as well. I always look out for it in the garden in the spring. I will get making!

(Amy Archer) #6

Thank you :grinning:

(Denise Payne) #7

I love your butterflies, very contemporary and vibrant :slight_smile:

(Amy Archer) #8

Thank you :grinning:

(Carrie ) #9

I’ve been making some pyrographed drawer knobs with butterflies on and personally, I love the fascinating variety of real butterflies (and moths!) that we get in this country. Much prefer that to generic ‘butterfly’ images and I’m afraid I make what pleases me rather than what might or might not please others. That probably explains why I don’t sell much :rofl:

(Amy Archer) #10

I’ve just had a look at your drawer knobs, they are gorgeous.