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Can any one advise me on hotels and interiors in brighton or london for my designs?

(Amberlights79) #1

Hi folksy shoppers
I have just graduated so I am invisible to the world at present. I feel my designs have a market but finding the wright market is the hard part. As I have just graduated, money is tied, I do have a day job which is part time at the moment so I can still carry on with my designs in drawing but thats about it. I know my lamps are not cheap as this is down to renting a laser cutter per hour. Does or would any one know where I could be pointed in the wright direction for my designs…?
Many thanks

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Wow! Love your lamps!
Could you email a few hotels in the areas you are interestd in. Maybe some will be happy to share pics of their decor or have brochures they are happy to send out. I think theres a hotel in Brighton which has themed rooms,retro style.50’s etc.

(Shirley Woosey) #3

Gosh those lights are stunning! Amber @Amberlights79

I have pinned them both you on my Pinterest board.

I have changed the Category for your thread too, I have put it into Shop Talk as you are likely to get more people viewing it in that category.

You need to do plenty of promoting - Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble etc etc.
It’s all about getting your shop, name and lights out into the Internet.

Do you have any more designs to put in your shop?
It always helps to have plenty for customers to browse through, although I realise they are high value items and you may not have many ready for show.

I have put a picture on for people to see them.

Good luck.
Shirley x

(Amberlights79) #4

Thank you so much whimsywoodesigns, that was really lovely of you to do that for me. i was not expecting such a response and in such short time. Back to promoting, i have pinned my designs as well as tweeted them. I really need to do hands on promoting to people in flesh i feel. Thanks again for the advice and showing my designs.
I have got drawings on the go for new designs in wildlife and for children with night time scenes, I just need to sell a few to invest on the new ideas which I have ready.

(Amberlights79) #5

Thanks for the compliment. I have tweeted a few hotels on twitter to see if there is any interest but no reply. Maybe I should put together a description of my lamps and how I can design them there own unique pattern.
Thanks for replying and handing out advice.
I will look into the Brighton one you mentioned.

(Amberlights79) #6

I didn’t say who that was for, sorry, this email was to grimmexhibtion. I feel rather blessed wright now to hear such input from total strangers. I think i could get hooked on the forum.
If I can help in any way I will.