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Can anyone help me with a design to blend two numbers for a personal gift?

Can anyone help me with a design to blend two numbers for a personal gift?

My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year, and I need some help please! When we met and when we eventually married, we were both in the police and had shoulder numbers, I think it would make a lovely gift for him, if I could have some personalised cuff links with our shoulder numbers combined in a pretty design, but have no idea on what would look good!

My shoulder number was 154 and his 633, can anyone help me design something to combine the two in one great design?

Cufflinks with the design would be great, but ideas welcomed! Our anniversary is in April!

Really, REALLY looking forward to any responses!

Natalie x


I could do you a pretty word art Print Natalie, a bit like this but as cufflinks, can include your wedding dates as well, I can do any colours you wanted too :slight_smile:

I shall think on this - I have previously hidden initials and numbers in scroll work for anniversary rings but that sort of thing is perhaps a bit feminine for cufflinks. Would you want initials or anything else incorporated in the design?

Thank you Maxine for your input! Did want jewellery related. XxxxX

Thank you Sasha, I was just thinking more of our old shoulder numbers combined some how, he and I would know what it meant, and it would be personal to us. Rings are not something he would want, but Cufflinks he would wear or perhaps a tie pin.

Scroll work sounds lovely, but not sure how to scroll and link the two shoulder numbers together into one design.


Just bumping to see if anyone else has some ideas or even just a design or way of combining the numbers 154 and 633 in an interesting linking way!

Natalie x

I have a doodle pad next to my phone so I’ve written the numbers down and I’ll have a play (just for fun, I don’t do jewellery) :slight_smile:
I was thinking something like a monogram but with numbers :slight_smile:

That does sound lovely Jan, I look forward to your monogram doodle! X

In the old fashioned cufflink style, you could have one nr connected by a chain to the other nr. So one nr was seen on each side, but connected. The font of the nrs could be accurate, cut from silver and soldered to say an oval. The silver would represent 25years.
Possibly one side would be smaller to pass through the button hole, this could be reversed on the other cuff.
Just an idea, haven’t come up with an interlinked design yet.

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That sounds very interesting too Deborah! XxxxX

Hi Natalie, if you had round cufflinks, tops, imagine a watch/clock face, you can have the number 1 where a 12 would be followed by a dot then another number, this is not to scale or anything so everything would be closer together but still spread around the face.

Thank you Jan, I was thinking more of interlinking the numbers some how, as in joining us together, linking us. XxxxxX

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