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Can we still vote about issues that concern us?

(Christine E.) #1

I remember voting on a few concerns raised but can’t remember how to do it! I would like to ask Folksy admin for the “Recently listed” section to be re-introduced to both front pages. At the moment, I don’t feel there’s anything I can do to get my work seen and much of it is not the sort of thing you’d search for…

(Helen Smith) #2

You can get to it via the Help & Support link at the bottom of the main Folksy pages.

(Sarah Eves) #3

I agree about the recently listed, but only if they filter out the relisted-every-day-in-bulk items.
There must be a way of doing this as only the genuinely new items gain a place on the front page, albeit briefly.

I would welcome a bar of genuinely new items, but not a bar of continually relisted ones.

Sarah x

(Christine E.) #4

Thanks, Helen. I may do it later, little B’s school has an inset day today, so I have to go out and help her spend her tooth fairy money!