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Cards and Papercraft Weekly Monday Thread 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2015

(Cariad Crafts) #1

A place to show, admire and if you are inclined, to buy all kinds of cards and paper crafts smile
If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked,blogged to your hearts content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

The theme for today is - a story - thought this might be fun, if I start a story and illustrate with 1 or more of our cards, and then everyone adds to the story.

Good luck guys - lets see where this leads lol

Carol xxxxx

(Cariad Crafts) #2

Morning all papercrafters

First of all a MASSIVE thank you to Steph for stepping in and helping out, we are going to do this thread bi weekly, me this week and Steph the following - shares the load and ideas. So thank you all for giving her lots of support.

It is now 4 weeks since I had my major surgery, all going well, so am slowly trying to get into routine again, and this is a big step towards that.

Right for the story:-

Hello - woof woof - my name is Whisky and I am a west highland terrier, white as snow !!! I live with my mum and dad and baby sister Emilia. I have lived with them since I was quite small as they rescued me -cant remember much but just remember I was very unhappy and unloved but not any more. I get lots and lots of cuddles especially from Emilia- she makes me happy especially when she tickles my tummy.

I can see that my lead is ready so we are going out for my morning walk very soon - I love them - I wonder what I will see today …

Carol xx

(Diane Burton) #3

Whisky’s walk took him by the river where an angler was fishing, he’d just caught a particularly large trout so had left his packed lunch unattended when Whisky walked past, oops I wonder if he has any sandwiches left :smile:

Welcome back Carol xx lovely idea for this weeks thread :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Short) #4

Hiya all!

Ah lovely to see you Carol @cariadcrafts11 hope you keep going from strength to strength, you’ve been through an awful lot , thinking of you :green_heart: Great to see whiskey!! Great doing the stories, never done these for a while!

He couldn’t see sandwiches but here spotted some other tasty treats😋

Did he dare try and bite his way through the tubes to get the chocs???
Or he could just go for the yummy gingerbread man

Steph x

(Thecardjeanie) #5

Then suddenly he spotted a pussycat and that distracted him from the gingerbread. He always like to chase the cat but only for a bit of fun…

Glad to see you back again Carol @cariadcrafts11 Get well soon,

Jeanie x

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(Cariad Crafts) #6

Thank you for kind wishes and big thank you for a great start to the week

Carol xxxx

(Tina Martin) #7

Whisky always enjoyed his walkies!

(Diane Burton) #8

Luckily for the cat he was chasing Whisky spotted his friend Chico and stopped for a chat :smile_cat:

(Cariad Crafts) #9

then I spotted another dog, this one is always too friendly, I mean I have a regular doggie friend, Chico, and am definitely a one woman pooch! His owner is very nice tho and always tries to tempt me with a biccie but, of course, I will have none of it. This pooch is called Angus and is a Scottie. I am sure he will meet someone soon.

Carol xx

(Stephanie Short) #10

What’s that he thought, ah it’s on a reindeer

(Cariad Crafts) #11

Crikey a reindeer, I wonder if its Rudolph. I have seen Emilia doing secret writing, and now it makes sense, it must have been her letter to Santa. How exciting, I love all that wrapping paper its so much fun shredding it all and no one seems to mind that I am having such fun. Because everyone is laughing so much, we are all having fun.

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #12

Morning All

Rainy here today but got shopping done and bit of cleaning too - R n R now :-))

Right -less of this dreaming of Christmas - hey who is coming along now. Ooooh its our next door neighbour, and she is bringing that funny little noisy bundle in the pram. They havent let me see her yet, I wonder if I could just go and have a peep in the pram and have a little sniff. Oooooo I can see her, she is really cute, and smiley aaaaaah

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #13


Lots of rain in the night but quite a good day, sun out at 11 and only just disappeared. n lovely and mild

Chiropodist this morning. so feel looking respectable again :smile:

Hope everyone is ok, and coping with half term week.

,The babies eye suddenly focused on a beautiful wild plant growing on the canal bank. Her mummy picked one for her and they were both admiring it. I liked it too and I love pulling them to pieces tee hee Bad dog!!!


Carol xx

(Muranomagic) #14

art magic -

(Muranomagic) #15
(Muranomagic) #16
(Stephanie Short) #17

Hiya all!
…they walked further on into the forest park…lots of beautiful pine trees and a few friends :wink:

Hope all is well, Steph xx

(Cariad Crafts) #18


A good old foggy start to the day, lets hope the sun manages to pop through soon :sunny:

…I was happily running through the leaves in the wood, loving the smell of the pine needles and how they crunched under my paws when I spotted something. Woah, not seen anything like that before. My mum and dog saw me and called me back quickly. No Whiskydog, you mustnt go sniffing there, that is very poisonous. It really frightened me so I stayed close for a while until I forgot all about it. Then I saw …

Carol xx