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Cayutas? @adminfolksy

Lokking at my stats today I noticed visitors from ‘’. Never heard of them, so looked up the link and it went straight to the Folksy home page? Is it some weird clone thing?

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I typed in and it also took me to the homepage. Then when I signed in, I waa asked if I would like to register with Folksy.

Something not quite right, as normally when I sign in, it takes me to my Shop.

When I go to the link of Sally Ann. The iMac flags not secure which suggests to me they have cloned the website, if anyone landed on it and bought from it we could all be in trouble. They would take the money with no goods.

@dougfolksy just to make you aware of this thread


Thanks for flagging this up. I’ll check my stats too. No I don’t have anything called Cayutas in my stats.
Has there been any response from the team?