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Changes to the Item Page - planned for Thursday 25 Nov

In the next few days we will be making some changes to the Item Page on Folksy.

The changes are mainly visual rather than structural, and are designed to make it easier for customers to shop, across desktop and mobile, as many more people are now shopping from their phones.

We have thoroughly tested the new page to ensure there is minimum disruption (particularly at this time of year) but please do read this post to find out what’s changing.

And once it’s live, let us know on this thread if you do something that looks odd.


hi @folksycontent I’m a bit confused, so is our bio going to show first on each item page of our shop before the photo and description of the item? If we have long bio’s it’s going to take a lot of space before the potential customer even see’s the item photo and item description? I think I’d prefer to see the item title, photo and item description first before having to read the bio each time. Sorry if I didn’t understand it right and am being a numpty (I have looked at the blog, but still felt confused, it’s been a long day …)


Love this!!! Thank you Folksy.

I thought the same @MoreTeaVicarKnitwear but gave the screenshots another look & think the bio is your name, logo, number of items & other info at the top of your shop page - which makes more sense :blush:

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Thanks @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker Ahh I’ve just had another look at the pictures on the blog and I get it now, so I am a massive numpty! :blush: The current and new versions are side by side! Doh!

It looks fab! Nice and clear and modern and I really like how easy it will be for potential customers to click on a button to view our other items. Thank you @folksycontent

I’m off to put this from @dotterypottery on my Xmas pressie list



As an oldie with no smart phone, I hope this will be easy to work out…it usually takes me a while to get used to new things…a bit like going into your supermarket and finding everything is in a different place…I might need some help from some of the lovely people on here x


The new Item Pages just went live! :tada::tada::tada:


I hadn’t read the post explaining what was happening today, so as things changed as I was loading some items up I wondered what I had done! Phew.
The new layout looks clean and fresh - well done

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I just had to laugh as I just updated my Browser Firefox, and then everything suddenly changed!!! Thought it was them - so I panicked as I wanted to edit a posting… it’s at the bottom of the screen by the way!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The new design looks very professional I think. It stands out more to customers.


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We’ve spotted an issue when scrolling down on long descriptions and tags, but Doug and Aaron have worked out a fix for that and will get that released later today.


Should photos now be uploaded in landscape instead of square? There seems to be a grey border round mine. Thanks

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The item page looks great. Very clear and uncluttered now but info available for those who need it. My shop page looks exactly the same - assume that wasn’t being changed in any way.

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Absolutely love the new ‘Items’ layout!! It’s soooo much better on mobile. I have just 2 thoughts…

For Variations, do you think ‘Add to basket’ could be ‘Choose Options’ as it used to? not sure if it’s clear to the buyer that Adding to Basket will allow them to choose …eg my 3 for a £10 deal here 3 Christmas Cards of Your Choice - Original Han... - Folksy

Also can there be a ‘return to shop’ button? or do you think people will know to click on the Bio? or use their browser ‘back button’

Neither queries will make me unhappy if they stay as they are.
Thanks Folksy :grin:


Ah spoke too soon! The bottom half of my descriptions are missing. I assume it’s because the font size has increased and my descriptions are now too long. I’m looking on my iPhone.

This is the issue the team captains pointed out and the fix that is going to be pushed out later today should sort it.

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Whoa! It’s big, it’s bold and it’s sure to capture the eye of any customer. Brilliant xx


Hey lovely people. I’ll have a proper introduction post in due time, but for now that’s those changes pushed out :slightly_smiling_face:

Let us know if there’s anything else you spot.


  • Fixed descriptions and other sections being cut-off with long text
  • Moved Shipping section above tags
  • Removed the grey background/border on images when viewing on a computer

I can’t find the Pin button on the item page now - is it just me?

I’m another oldie struggling with change. I can understand that this should make shopping easier on the phone, but… The price is now so small and insignificant that I found it hard to find on a laptop. Is it even legible on a phone?
I am going to have to look seriously at my photos, some of which now look enormous and even slightly overwhelming on a laptop screen. Sorry, scrub that, I started to make that comment before you had improved the picture!

The pin button is now right at the top of the page! What I found hard to locate was the price.

Thank you! I can see it’s been sorted now.

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