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Changes to the Item Page - planned for Thursday 25 Nov

I think customers who are used to Folksy might be a bit surprised to find things so different so I’ve put a post on my Facebook page to let them know things have changed.
Hopefully they will now all rush to my shop to see what it looks like :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@aaronfolksy @folksycontent

Love the new look. Just a thought about the pin it button having been removed - I often used this with my customer head on rather than my seller head, to pin items to a Folksy wish list board. I do think it might be useful to still have it on the item page in case other customers used it in the same way.


I noticed the missing listing date too & will also find it a real pain to find things without it! I’m loving everything else about the new pages - they really do look fab, thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into it. But if it’s possible to pop that date back in then I’d be very grateful! It could just be in tiny font right at the bottom - I appreciate customers probably don’t need to know, but it’s vital for shop admin for me! @aaronfolksy would this be possible please?

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Another for the WishiList :grin: can we have the search option to choose between ‘items’ & ‘shops’ back on the items pages? - finding shops for making FolksyFri (& other promoting each other stuff) very time consuming without ‘search shops’ option …pleeeeeeeeeezzzz :blush: @aaronfolksy

Another for the Wish List, please can the photo be a little bit smaller, it’s so in your face.

It’s a great improvement to not have the date listed visible to customers.

As a customer, when you visit a website and see that a product has been sitting there unsold for a long period of time, it’s offputting. It creates the perception that there’s something wrong with the product or the product is simply undesirable.

A much better way to manage shop admin is to create a search function in our “manage listings” section so that we can search and filter on parameters such as item titles, dates listed, keywords etc.


Agreed, currently takes forever to find a redundant tags x

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Regular relisting can take care of that, I think? :blush: But only for Folksy plus, as it’s free to relist items.

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Ahh might be some confusion here - I agree the ‘made on’ date can look weird to customers so I never fill that box in. But a listing date would only be a max of three months old, then the listing will expire.

There were two dates showing on listings - one was the “listed on” date, and the other was the “designed on” date which showed how old the item was.

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Aah, I see what you mean now.

Yes - happy to not see the made on / designed on date, as you say can be off putting if something was made years ago but hasn’t sold - that’s why I’ve never filled it in. The listing date though is how I find everything! Check the listing to see when it was listed then can find it in the dashboard & my spreadsheets. It’s only that date I want back :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know you could leave that blank! Will do from now on though.:wink:

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Me neither! Every day is a school day!

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Yes indeed :grin::sweat_smile::rofl:

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I’ve got round that by Never filling in designed by date… Imagine if there had been a designed by date of 2013 on the piece I sold, at last, last week :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
but as a shop keeper the listed date is essential to me

@aaronfolksy I think that most problems concerning the missing social media buttons is not that you can’t promote your own items when listing them, but that you are unable to pin, tweet etc other sellers items which help with promotion and also get the Folksy name out there.

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I’ve commented on another thread but thought maybe I should post here to get seen…

Overall I really like the new layout on tablet and mobile – it’s a definite improvement on the old - but I don’t think it works as well on laptop/PC where the old layout worked quite well – there seems to be a lot of white space and a lot of scrolling required to find any info.

I’m unhappy that none of the item description shows on any device – I can see customers just not reading it at all (which is often a big problem over on the other side). If we could have the first line or two with a ‘more’ button? Or at the very least rename the tab ‘Item Details’ to be clearer - ‘Description’ could be anything.

From a customer point of view, I don’t think the number of items makes any sense without context – does it need to be there? I also don’t think the ‘Tags, Materials & Colours’ tab is relevant to a buyer – surely it would be better moved down after ‘More items from this category’.

And lastly, even on my phone the reviews seem a bit shouty – could do with a smaller font size?

Having said all that, it definitely is a huge improvement viewed on my tablet - no more floating shop icon covering the item photo :smiley:


@HelenSmith Agree with all Helen’s points. Also think ‘items’ is so tradespeak. ‘More lovely things from this category’ would be so much more emotive.


and I agree 100% with both of you. :slight_smile: