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Cheap wreath bases

I know its a long way till Christmas but as I am hoping to move house soon I am having a clear out and some people like to get organised early. I came across these wreath bases which I won’t use so if anyone is interested I’ll put up a listing for you. Some are covered in hessian which can easily be removed and some have been used and may have a few wire holes but are still perfectly functional as they will be covered anyway

I have
4 flat wire bases - 25cm (all hessian covered)
5 flat back polystyrene bases - 29cm
4 flat back polystyrene bases - 25cm (2 are hessian covered)
2 round back polystyrene bases - 22cm and 24cm

Not sure how much postage would be but as they are quite bulky I suspect they would need to be sent as a medium parcel which would be £5 although I will happily look into the cost of sending by courier if you prefer.

£10 the lot

Oh - I seem to have a buyer already on FB - sorry don’t know how to delete thread!