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Confused about GDPR? Ask your questions here!

(Haley Glover) #61

Thank you Camilla and Folksy for making such a confusing issue so clear, much appreciated.

(Elaine) #62

Thank you Folksy, this has made life so much easier!

(MadeintheTemple) #63

Many thanks Folksy for making my life easier on this subject.

(Melanie Commins) #64

Should the privacy policy page be live now? I get a “doesn’t exist” error when I click on the link from the shop page - in my own shop and other’s too.

(Thedotterypotter) #65

I can see your privacy policy Melanie.

(Crystal Clarke) #66

A Big Thank You Camilla and Folksy! Much Appreciated for putting this Privacy Policy together, it has helped a lot.

(Sarah Bell) #67

There is a new category in the about section of your fb page, so you can link to your privacy policy. :blush:

(Sarah Bell) #68

Thank you @dougfolksy and @folksycontent, it fried my brain doing my websites policy, so the ease of this was very welcome.

(Melanie Commins) #69

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It was my ad blocker. The privacy policy appears as a pop up and my ad blocker blocks pop ups.

I wonder if this could be a problem for other people using ad or pop up blockers?

(Julie Maginn) #70

Thanks Sarah, I can see it on your fb page but don’t know how to get it on mine!!! Did you do something or did it just appear?

(Angela Snape) #71

Just wanted to add my thanks, too. I’ve not been very active on Folksy lately and I’ve been dreading having to deal with this - so a massive ‘Thank You’ to the Folksy team! :star_struck::grin:

(Sarah Bell) #72

I went to my page, clicked about, and it’s squeezed in there towards the bottom! Hehe.

(Camilla) #73

Ahh thank you for all your appreciation. It’s good to hear we’ve helped.

(Julie Maginn) #74

You’re a star Sarah!!! Found it, apparently you have to be on a laptp though, couldn’t find it on mobile version!!! I’ve linked it to here since I don’t have my own website. Thanks Sarah!! xx

(Helen Healey) #75

Julie, how did you link your Folksy privacy policy to Facebook? I’ve just tried to do that but when I click the link it says the page doesn’t exist! :tired_face:

(Julie Maginn) #77

Have you found where to add it on fb? I just used my Folksy address Helen. Check you haven’t got pop ups blocked I think someone else said that was causing a problem.

(Sarah Bell) #78

It’s because it’s a pop up. You could copy it onto a fb note and link to that? I’ve linked to a page on my website.

(Helen Healey) #79

Yes, I’ve found where to add it Julie. I was trying to link directly to my policy on here but I don’t think it has an individual url which is why it won’t work. Have you just linked it to your main shop page then?

(Helen Healey) #80

I’m going to show my ignorance here Sarah, but what’s a fb note?

Edited to add - Yay - I’ve found how to write a fb note. I’ve copied my Folksy policy to it, edited it and successfully linked it to the fb privacy policy section.

Thanks for your suggestion and screenshot above. With the aid of those and Google, I’ve cracked it! :grin:

(Sarah Bell) #81

@PocketfulCreations It depends on your business page, but usually you have a notes section. You could put your privacy policy on the note and then copy the link to the note into your privacy policy section. I use the PC to alter my Facebook page, as it’s easier thank using a mobile/iPad.

Eta, yay Helen, glad you sorted it :slight_smile: