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Confusion about card payments

I have been prompted to add my bank details with Stripe to allow buyers to pay by card payments.

I thought you CAN pay with your card via the Paypal option ‘check out as a guest’ ?

I believe it is limited as to how many times you can check out as a guest.

There are a couple of threads on the forum concerning this issue…it may be worth you reading them so you can find out more before deciding…

As Roz has said there is a limit on how many times (10 I think) a person can use paypal without setting up an account (ie check out as a guest), some people don’t want to set up a paypal account or have had a bad experience with paypal and no longer wish to use them. Or recently I had paypal flat out refuse to process a payment for some cards I was trying to purchase. The secondary payment method (ie stripe) gives an extra option if a purchaser requires it.
(But as Kim said read the other threads and make sure that you are 100% happy with it before signing up)