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Coping with Christmas

(Jennifer Combes) #1

Hello I am still quite new with my business - I started in August this year so I haven’t experienced Christmas yet though I feel like it is going to be busy from some links I have made…getting slightly worried about coping and stock levels etc…

any advice how has Christmas compared with normal months for others and have did you cope if things got busy?

(my husband already knows he is being roped in and I have a local printer ready in case I can’t cope)


(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Christmas is always a mega busy season for me (the rush starts in September, if not earlier!)

I usually have a quieter couple of months in June July and August, but this year it has been busy all year round, so I have decided to set deadlines for when commissions can be ordered so that I’m not slaving away non-stop like I have been the past few years. I’ll probably close my order book mid November so that I can make sure everything is completed and posted in time, and for the first time I will probably close my shop a few days before the last posting date to avoid the last minute panic of wrapping and posting.

I always make sure I have plenty of packaging supplies in so that I don;t run out and have to spend time getting more in, and plenty of business cards in stock too.

Other than that it’s just a case of head down, get to work, and ignore any tempting TV watching :smile:

Enjoy your Christmas rush :slight_smile:

(Ali Millard) #3

My advice would be to get your own Christmas planned and sorted as soon as possible, so it’s one less thing to worry about.
I was so busy my 1st Christmas, that the thing that stressed me out most, was that I hadn’t sorted anything out for my own Christmas. So now I buy and write my Christmas cards, and I buy my gifts and wrap them in October. Online grocery shopping and meal planning is a real time saver too. Instead of going to the supermarket, I can use that time to make orders.

(Melanie Commins) #4

It sounds like you’re fairly prepared. It’s hard to know just how busy it’s going to be … but I say plan for the worst (best?), as in being run off your feet!!

Since I started selling Christmas decorations a few years ago I always get a massive influx of sales between now and Christmas (it’s started already, I received an order for 50 of them yesterday!). More than 60% of my yearly revenue is generally made within the months of October - December.

For me the most important thing is making sure I have ordered everything I will need to make and ship my most popular items and then the rest is up to me and my hands and a whole lot of coffee and music to keep me going. :slight_smile:

(Jennifer Combes) #5

hello! yes all the nieces and new phews pressies where sorted in Jan sales, just sorting my boys Santa stuff now…and my hubbys bday in Nov…and his Christmas…

We use online shopping every week to save time lol! 2 kids under 5 in a supermarket for longer than 20mins…no thanks! lol

thanks for the advice- I shall get sorting…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

being organized is the key to not being Stressed at Christmas.

So the earlier you start the planning the better.

All the best and enjoy :slight_smile: