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Courier booking - help needed please!

(Christine Shephard) #1

Hi, I’m trying to arrange a courier online (first time I’ve done it!) to ship something to The Netherlands, and it’s asking me for the phone number of the recipient.

I don’t have a phone number for my buyer - what does everyone else do? Ask the buyer for their number? Put your own number in? Or is there another solution? It’s a ‘required field’ on the booking form, so leaving it blank isn’t an option.

(Melita Grant) #2

Hi, I have sent a lot of orders abroad and the first couple of times i just put in my own number but it can cause delays. Two out of the three orders were delayed and i received emails stating they needed a contact number of the recipient in the country it was bound for or the delivery would not go ahead, I then had to contact the customer and ask for their contact details to send on.
I would say to get the contact details of the customer to avoid any delays, I won’t send abroad now without one.
Hope this helps!

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(Funky Mosaics) #3

Hi Christine,
I send all my items with couriers, and I never have recipients number.
I have had one order to the Netherlands.
I just enter my own number or fill the space with 0000000000 . (I think you may need to enter a certain amount of zeros) 11 probly.
Not had any problems with this in the past.
Hope this helps!! xx

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(Sarah Eves) #4

When couriers have asked me to provide a phone number for the recipient I have emailed the customer to check that they were okay with this, and if I had no reply I would add my own number in the box.

Most buyers won’t mind giving their phone number as it is standard with many overseas carriers.

Sarah x

(Christine Shephard) #5

OK, thank you all for your help :slightly_smiling:

I’ve asked the buyer if he would let me have a contact number, but had no reply yet, so I’ll wait until tomorrow, and if he doesn’t get back to me I’ll put in my own number. I don’t want to delay the shipment any longer than that.