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Craft, Hobby and Stitch at the NEC

(Caroline) #1

Is anyone going? I’m heading over tomorrow.

I’ve never been to a trade show before.

(Pauline Hayward) #2

I would love to have gone but we have far too much happening this weekend. We have a flat to sort out ready for our new tennants to move into in a week or so.

(Joy Salt) #3

It is tempting but,… it was at the November craft show at the NEC in 2010 that I messed up my right knee.
I went with 2 friends who are into beads and papercrafts so we went round separately. There was an incredible amount to see and I was determined to see all of it.

Unfortunately I went on the Thursday which is the day specially suggested for ‘seniors’. This meant there were quite a lot of wheelchairs and groups of slow moving people - so I did one too many about turns to get past.
The sort that footballers do when they mess up their ligaments as they twist the knee but not the foot :frowning:
. Knew what I’d done as soon as I got up next day but it’s not fixable because I already have arthritis in my knee.
So my trip, though brilliant on the day, has left me unable to ever run again and with a knee which feels as if it’s full of rough edged ball-bearings. Ouch.
I dare not go again in case I do the same to my left knee. :slight_smile: otherwise I would see you there :slight_smile:

(Kim May) #4

I went a couple of years ago and although I liked it and there was so much to see and buy, I found it all very expensive. After paying entrance fees and food, I was tempted to buy lots of goodies that I probably could have got cheaper on e bay and in local shops, and the day turned out to be quite a pricey one. I wouldn’t go again plus it was too crowded.

(Caroline) #5

Joy - no craft event is worth that kind of injury. I can empathise as I used to work in rheumatology so have seen how debilitating arthritis can be.

Kim- it was a trade show so no entrance fees or car park charges. There wasn’t much to buy unless you were ordering masses. I did pick up a few pieces of fabrics which I’m really pleased about.

(Squirreland Tiffin) #6

Hi All,

I went to the one in Manchester the other weekend and it was really expensive! If you need raw materials I would say look online… I did enjoy the atmosphere and having a day out but like I say it was quite expensive for what I usually buy.

Linzi x