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Craftjuice October

I couldn’t see a Craftjuice thread for this month, so I thought I’d start one. Christmas is coming (so I hear) so let’s see if we can get a few more people to shop on Folksy!
I’ve listed two…

Thanks for your votes! :slight_smile:

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Voted and finally a new listing. :wink:

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Listed and now voting…

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Voted and a new listing.

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Just tried to get onto Craftjuice to vote and list, but it comes up as error. Will try again later.

Seems to be working ok now.

Voted and listed this…

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All the above voted for. :grinning:


Voted and listed…

Having started this thread, I really must make more effort!
Voted up to date and listed this. I haven’t had a sale this month, so I’m feeling a bit despondent…

Thanks for your votes, everyone!

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I am finding it hard to be motivated at the moment as well @coatimundi . No sales in September and 3 small sales at the beginning of the month. Must try harder!!
I have voted and listed.

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Listed this today…

…still no sales, but live in hope :slight_smile:

I think you and me will just play this game together, Christine @coatimundi ! Just had a sale as I type this. Whoopee!!

Yay! :slight_smile: Well done!

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