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Custom birthday card

I’m looking for someone who might be able to make me a custom birthday card. The kind of thing I’m after involves a Winnie the pooh quote “as soon as I met oyu I knew an adventure was going to happen” and then I need a red car (kind of like an old VW Passat) driving through some snowy mountains. Oh, and I need it by the 3rd December - am I aksing too much!?

Any characters such as ‘Winnie the Pooh’ need to be licensed by the original designer or estate. Just thought I would mention it. However there may be stick-on-transfers or licensed clip-art that have a licence as part of the sale.
Of course a lookalike might be possible if it doesn’t breach copyright.

I used to do custom cards, but only for people I knew. Found they were
a lot of hassle ( by the time the client had changed their mind several times ! ), for little return. However, lots out there who am sure could help.

Thanks Ronald. But just to clarify - I’m not after a Winnie the pooh image. Only the words are relevant. Last time I checked my husband wasn’t a Winnie the pooh fan!


Understood, but people still have to be careful as regards the quote.

There are certain exceptions now under the recently changed law, for using parts and phrases of copyrighted text in education in the UK, ( and for libraries/universities) for text, etc…

However, you will find the Disney Corporation still have certain rights on royalties to do with W T Pooh, which they acquired from the Slesinger family some years ago, and Disney were even taken to court regarding payment of royalties, but Disney won.

And all about a bear !

(See the bit on quotations near the end)

So, parts of a text and bits of quotations can be used by some for research and learning, but only if classed as “fair-dealing”. Crafters using well known quotations might still, in some cases, need a licence, and based on the death of the writer, the W T Pooh rights I think, expire in 2027, so that’s when the stuff becomes in the public domain.

Of course it would be the maker of the card / seller that would be sued in a dispute with Disney, and not the buyer, so you should be able to sleep at night !