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December 2018 Art Chat thread

(Jan Purves) #41

Hi Chris, thank you for your encouraging message. We just have to keep painting dont we and hope that someone likes our work from time to time! Finding time to promote as well as paint can be quite challenging but as you say, marvellous when a sale happens.

I would like to ‘follow’ your shop but don’t know how to do it on Folksy.

I’m going to visit your shop now and have a browse.

Good luck with your sales!

All good wishes


(Chris Stone) #42

You can favourite shops by clicking on the heart symbol on the shop front page and follow the social media links at the bottom of the shop page.
I’ve had a look in your Etsy shop, you have some lovely paintings. Your flowesr are very good indeed.
The promoting is time consuming but is very necessary. I don’t have time to promote two shops, so I concentrate on Folksy and keep a few originals on Etsy as American buyers prefer using Etsy and they will find them if they want them… The Americans like their watercolours!

(Jan Purves) #43

Thank you Chris!

(Brenda Cumming) #44

@JanPurvesOriginalArt just a heads up …folksy take a dim view of sharing other websites on the forums…you can send that link to Chris in a private message,…and you can go to his shop and “like” his shop which is the equivalent of following on the other side…
Before you delete your link…I will go to the dark side and favourite your shop…(lol)…just make sure you delete that link so as not to get into any bother xx

(Jan Purves) #45

Hi Brenda, Thank you so much for tipping me off about my faux pas re the dark side!! So sorry very silly of me! Only problem is I’m being super dim about how to delete it!!! Instructions please. Thanks too for going to the dark side!!!

I think folksy folk are very kind indeed. All good wishes Jan

(Kim Onyskiw) #46

I couldn’t say what’s popular here as I haven’t made any art sales on Folksy yet.
But on the other side it’s mostly my smaller stuff that sells. I might have 10 mini sales before I get a more regular size painting sold.

(Jan Purves) #47

I’m sorry I inadvertently put another site link on here. Am having difficulty editing it out. Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you so much. Jan

(Brenda Cumming) #48

@JanPurvesOriginalArt click on the pencil icon near the heart and reply button…then you can edit your posting and remove. Folksy might never see it but I know they don’t like it, which is fair enough…
I have liked your page over there for you…x

Kim @konyskiw I sold loads of aceos on here and “there!”…people all over the world collect them. In total , since I started painting the I have sold over 3000 of them…
It would be nice to sell more of the larger paintings but the reality for customers is…“Where do the put the or hang them?”…aceos are displayed in photo albums, so it gives people a chance to collect art without having to look for the wall space.

(Brenda Cumming) #49

Ha ha @JanPurvesOriginalArt that was quick…lol…I had already typed the answer for you…lol

(Kim Onyskiw) #50

I’ve got a few ACEOs on the other side, but they’re all in a sale section now because unfortunately they weren’t great sellers for me (3000 is amazing!). I’ll probably list them on here once I’ve got through the rest of my paintings, but it’ll need a new shop section so I’m hoping to switch “Christmas cards” for “ACEOs” to keep it to 6.

I guess the mini canvases must suit my style more because they’ve always sold much quicker for me. Needs a little more space than an ACEO as they can’t go in a photo album, but still only take a tiny wall/shelf space, because yes… for people who like buying art they don’t normally have any space left!

(Jan Purves) #51

Hi @teabreaks DONE IT! Phew I’ve edited my post and learnt a lot in one evening. Very many thanks for your kindness.
Warmest wishes

(Jan Purves) #52

I’m loving your art @teabreaks I need to ‘loosen up’ and start using my imagination more. Attended a super workshop last night where we splashed acrylic around doing dramatic seascapes. Seascapes are my favourite at the moment. My effort needs more work so nit ready to share yet! I need to just let rip and avoid copying!
Although I only ever use my own or friends photos (with special permission). I’m also loving this thread, so nice to ‘chat’ to fellow artists.

(Brenda Cumming) #53

this thread was set up (by me ha ha) to discuss anything related to art, so you don’t necessarily need to show your work…anything goes as long as it is art related…sometimes it is good to “bounce” off other artists to get inspiration and ideas.
@JanPurvesOriginalArt I am glad you sorted it…don’t want you in the naughty corner just yet…lol…
I did a stock take today…on here alone I have nearly 400 items listed…I confess to moving them to the dark side sometimes and then back here again…they go round and round until they sell…lol…
Never give up though , because last week I sold a painting that had been on here for 4 years !!
Hope you all have a good weekend xx

(Jan Purves) #54

Amazing! Well done you!
Jan x

(EdenArt) #55

A new painting…

Wintry Light

(Brenda Cumming) #56

@EdenArt that is lovely and very dramatic.
I am going to spend the weekend working through my shop and moving some items into SALE categories…I have nearly 400 items and need to shift some of them
Starting with this card…the flowers were die cut (each individual petal) then painted and given a coat of PVA glue to shape them and give them a sheen. I then I did the same with some leaves and finally added a touch of my own artwork. I have reduced this card to just £1.

(Brenda Cumming) #57

morning all…
today I have an aceo…we need a touch of purple today to push away the stormy weather here in Wales…
Chris, I hope your fair went well today

(GKWatercolourArt) #58

Shelter, A4 watercolour.

(EdenArt) #59

Thank you!

(Brenda Cumming) #60

morning all…fab painting Graham…even if it DOES show snow…lol…
today I have some fairy fantasy