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Deer toe bone charm necklac3

Hi Im trying to buy a neckace from you but when i try to pay i cant, the message is always: the buyer cannot pay with Paypal for this transaction. I have a Paypal account and everything is up to date

I would contact the seller direct, go to the item you want to buy and there is a contact the designer link on the right hand side. They may be able to issue you with a PayPal invoice if the payment via Folksy isnt working.

Hi Welcome to Folksy.
Sorry you’re having a problem.
Just searched for the description you’ve given and I can recognize that this is quite a new Folksy shop. It could well be that something has not been setup fully in their payment profile so yes, the best thing you can do is contact them and let them know you are having a problem.
Hope you get it sorted.
Joy xx

I’m tagging @folksycontent and they should also be able to help you but they might not see this until after the weekend