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Delivery Instructions - who is responsible?

I have received an order which has the following “note from buyer” - please leave in porch if no answer. I was just wondering if I was to put this message on the parcel who would be responsible if the parcel was “undelivered”? I’m assuming it would be me or would the fact that I have the request in writing be sufficient to transfer responsibility to the buyer? If it is me - what should I do, leave the message off, contact the buyer to explain the situation or what? Can anyone help?

They proberly think you have your own delivery service or deliver it yourself.

The Royal Mail are not going to read delivery instructions. You might have to contact the customer an explain the Royal Mail deliver the item and there’s no where to place a message to the Royal Mail.

I have never given it any thought- and have always just written what the customer asked.
If it is a normal first class delivery I would think it would be fine, postmen often leave things too big for a letter box in a dry place. If the person lived in a dodgy area I’m sure they wouldn’t ask.
Get proof of posting as normal.

Funny, I have had the exact same request this week. I queried it with the buyer and even offered to have it delivered to her place of work instead, as it was signed for delivery (all my items are) The customer asked me to write the note on the parcel, so I did. The PO queried this today. I informed them that the buyer asked me to write the note. They said that it can’t be guaranteed the buyers wishes will be carried out - we will see what happens.

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I’ve done this for a few buyers without problems - often they’re in rural areas, so I guess it saves them a trip to pick it up. If it was very expensive, I probably wouldn’t, but for smaller orders, I wouldn’t worry too much.

I have always written down any instructions given - except once, when I was asked to write the security code for a communal door on the envelope!

I find hat people who write specific instructions regarding delivery would usually have something identical written on their front door,.

It saves them a post office trip or soggy parcels and is fine.

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Well, I sent the parcel with instructions noted as requested. I suppose Royal Mail have no record of such delivery instructions and therefore if the parcel goes “missing” they have no comeback and a claim can be made in the usual way.