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Display cabinets

(Anne Hathaway) #1

Does anyone know of any good sources of second hand/inexpensive glass display cabinets? I’ve been offered a more or less permanent exhition space for my jewellery in a small local gallery - subject to being able to provide my own glass display cabinet.

I’m rather short of funds at the moment (make that very) so am looking for something inexpensive (or even free - well you’ve got to ask!) and ideally with built-in lights. Maybe an ex-retail display?

Any suggestions welcome!

(Jane Marshall) #2

IKEA has some great cabinets for about £40 (DETOLF)… I know they’re not free but they work really well for jewellery. (We use them in the shop I’m involved with in Bury St Edmunds). You could try ebay in case anyone has one second hand?

Good luck with the gallery.

Jane x

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Have a look on Freegle, I know its a long shot getting exactly what you are after but it would be free.

(Roz) #4

The IKEA ones are great value and look professional

(Anne Hathaway) #5

Thank you all! Do the IKEA ones come with lights (or can you get lights to fit them also from IKEA?

(Jane Marshall) #6

They don’t come with lights, but I’m pretty sure you can also get those from IKEA. If you do get them from IKEA, they will be LED bulbs, which are more expensive to buy initially but much cheaper to run and they don’t get hot (unlike halogen bulbs).

Hope that helps? Jane x

(Anne Hathaway) #7

Thanks very much Jane ! @beadedgarden

(Jane Marshall) #8

You’re welcome Anne. Hope you found something suitable. xx