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Do you give away a little freebie?

Ive always wondered about giving something a little extra with each sale.
Its probably my insecure crafter talking to me but I never fee like the thing Im selling is enough.
Ive recently added a little 2018 calendar with recent sales. I was lucky enough to have a repeat customer so felt like they should have even more so added a card too.
Do you add freebies, if so, what do you give and why?

Very, very occasionally to a good customer. But very rarely, because you wouldn’t go into any shop and expect a free gift would you? ( except perhaps lush) I do make sure I wrap everything nicely so I hope the recipient feels like there opening a gift though!


ever since I started online selling, I have given away a freebie…usually another painting…it is something I have always done…and always will…
I do it because I love surprises and think that my customers will as well.


I have done it with a repeat customer, but usually just try and wrap really nicely to make it feel special

I have given free gifts to mark milestones. My first repeat customer, my first online customer etc. I always like it when I receive little extras when I order something so I decided to it for my customers. Only for special milestones though. I try to wrap each of my items as though it was a gift for a friend to make it special for every customer too.

I do sometimes give a little free gift. It depends mostly if I have something close at hand when I am packaging!

I like to give away a little something - but sometimes I forget to add it to the package, and then I feel guilty about it.

I know it’s not something a bricks and mortar shop would do, but I like to show my appreciation that someone is buying from a small business and not the high street, and I also like to think I’ve put an extra smile one someone’s face when they open their parcel :slight_smile:

I usually put a little free gift in most of my orders occasionally if i have been in a rush to post the item and having nothing made up ready i have not put one in

I include a postcard with most orders (showing a picture of one of my pieces and a website link). If they have bought one of my collages, there’s a good chance they will appreciate a pic of another one - nice to add to a pinboard display (etc), or it might even be posted on to someone new. It’s like a slightly larger business card but slightly more functional, and - hopefully! - slightly less disposable. That’s my theory, anyway! :wink:

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